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Useful Plants- Designing For Regenerative Landscapes

The founder of Oak Tree Designs based in Margaret River, Australia, Byron Joel has years of experience in Permaculture, land re-vegetation, horticulture and landscaping. In this conversation with Jill Cloutier, Byron speaks about his experiences working with plants, how plants are used in Permaculture Design to create resilient landscapes and why you should treat your garden like a "charming friend." Byron also discusses the sacred uses of plants, the Vegetable Queendom and how you can begin an experiential relationship with the plants in your life.  

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Growing Color- How To Create Beautiful Dyes From Plants

In this interview, fiber and dye expert Rebecca R. Burgess shares her techniques for growing and harvesting color.  Burgess talks about her favorite dye plants and the impact that chemical dyes have on the environment.  Plants, minerals, and insects can yield brilliant, vibrant hues.  These natural dyes produce little waste, are nontoxic, and are easy to make at home.

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