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Devin Slavin of Abundance In Balance Design is a Permaculture Designer and founder of the Grow Food Party Crew (GFPC) model, a fun and creative way to build community and gardens.

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Crossing the Line with Geoff Lawton and Nadia Abu Yahia Lawton
Geoff Lawton is an internationally renowned permaculture educator, consultant and practitioner. Nadia Abu Yahia Lawton travels with Geoff for aid project and permaculture consulting work and assists in teaching permaculture design courses.

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Interview with Stacy Malkan, Communications Director of The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and author of the new book, Not Just a Pretty Face- The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry. Not Just a Pretty Face delves deeply into the dark side of the beauty industry, and looks to hopeful solutions for a healthier future. Lead in lipstick? Dioxane in baby soap? Coal tar in shampoo?  Tune in to hear about how the $35 billion cosmetics industry is so powerful that they've kept themselves unregulated for decades and what consumers can do to protect themselves.

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Graham Burnett is a permaculture practitioner, designer and teacher.  With over 20 years experience in working with adults with learning disabilities, including in horticultural settings, Graham has designed a number of therapeutic and productive landscapes using permaculture and forest gardening principles. He is the author of the book, Permaculture- A Beginner's Guide

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Claude Genest is the Deputy Leader of the Canadian Green Party and the founder of the Green Mountain Permaculture Institute, where he teaches earth repair and ecological design. Claude is also the creator, producer and host of "Regeneration - The Art of Sustainable Living,” an Emmy award nominated television show that airs on PBS.

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Stephen Harrod Buhner is an Earth poet and the award-winning author of
12 works of nonfiction and one book of poetry, among them the multiple award-winning Lost Language of Plants, Sacred Plant Medicine and The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature.

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Ali Sharif, project director of PAL, Permacultura Latina America, talks with Jill Cloutier at the Bioneers Conference 2007, about Permaculture projects in Brasil.
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Permaculture designer and teacher Darren  Doherty, introduces Keyline Design and outlines the many ways that it can serve as a solution to global warming.

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World renowned educator and writer Satish Kumar talks with journalist Karly Burch in India. Editor of Resurgence Magazine, Kumar shares his philosophy and life story. 

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Since 1974, Christopher Nyerges has taken over 30,000 children and adults on Wild Food and Survival Skills Outings, field trips and outdoor programs. Christopher is the author of seven books, including Guide to Wild Foods and Useful Plants, Urban Wilderness, Extreme Simplicity: Homesteading in the City, and How to Survive Anywhere.  
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Dolphins in Captivity with Ric O'Barry Former dolphin trainer, Ric O’Barry, speaks with Jill Cloutier about his ten years in the captive dolphin industry and his transformation from dolphin trainer to dolphin advocate. O’Barry, former trainer of Flipper, (television’s favorite dolphin), now spends his life fighting to set dolphins free.
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Chef Kate Adamick, of Food Systems Solutions LLC and consultant to the Orfalea Fund’s s’Cool Food Initiative, talks about the link between our food system and the health of the planet and our kids.

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Mukesh Ray, a scholar with a Masters in Social work from the TATA Institute of Social Sciences in India,  participates in movements working to curb India’s large agrarian crisis that has resulted in the suicidal death of over 140,000 farmers in the past ten years.  Born and raised in Orissa, India, an area facing many social and agrarian problems, Mukesh Ray is determined to change the current system from the inside out. Interview by journalist and sustainability educator Karly Burch in India, February 2007.
For further questions, please feel free to contact Mukesh Ray at

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Loren Luyendyk, the owner of Santa Barbara Organics, has over ten years of experience in the field of permaculture, sustainability and small-scale farming. Loren is a Certified Master Gardener, Certified Arborist and a member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists.
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Brock Dolman is a biologist, innovative design consultant, and nationally recognized permaculture educator. Dolman, co-founder of the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (OAEC), co-manages the Center’s biodiversity collection, orchards and 70 acres of wildlands. Brock is the director of OAEC’s WATER Institute and Permaculture Design Program.

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 Interview with Andre Soares and Lucy Legan, co-directors of Ecocentro IPEC, (Instituto de Permacultura e Ecovilas do Cerrado), in central Brasil. Started in 1998, Ecocentro IPEC has become one of the most important reference centers for sustainable living in Latin America.

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Episode 10: Ray Cirino is an artist, inventor, and educator, based in Los Angeles, CA. In this interview with Jill Cloutier, Ray talks about some of his many creations, Water Woman, rocket stoves, solar cookers, and his "mother goddess composting toilet."

Tune in to learn how art can be used to create a more beautiful and sustainable world. Jill Cloutier interviewed Ray in December of 2007.  Visit Ray's website at

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Episode 9: David Wann is the president of the Sustainable Futures Society, a board member of the Cohousing Association of the U.S., a fellow of the Simplicity Forum, and the recipient of various lifetime achievement awards for his work on sustainability. Wann is the author of many books, including Affluenza, Superbia!- 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighborhoods, Reinventing Community, The Zen of Gardening In the High & Arid West, and his new book "Simple Prosperity: Finding Real Wealth in a Sustainable Lifestyle."

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Episode 8: Workshop participants at a Cob Workshop in Central California share their enthusiasm about building houses and community with Cob.  Interviews were done on the last day of a week long workshop with participants and visitors to the building site. 

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Episode 7: Ianto Evans is an applied ecologist, landscape architect, inventor, writer, and teacher with building experience on six continents.  Cob is traditional in Wales, his homeland.  Ianto teaches ecological building and has consulted to USAID, World Bank, US Peace Corps and foreign governments. Ianto is the co-author of The Hand-Sculpted House, the most comprehensive book available about cob building.  This interview was conducted at a Cob Bench Building workshop in Santa Barbara, CA. 

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Episode 6: Isabela Coelho is the co-founder and co-director of OPA, the Organization of Permaculture and Art.  Isabela is an educator and performing artist, who has worked on many art and social projects with youth and adults in Brasil, Nicaragua and the US.

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Did you know that Americans eat 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate every year?  Dr. Tom Neuhaus is  the co-founder, president, and chocolatier of Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates, Inc: the only Fair Trade Organic artisan chocolate company in the US.  Tom Neuhaus is also the president and founder of Project Hope and Fairness, ( a non-profit NGO dedicated to helping West African cocoa farmers. Learn how your conscientious consumption of chocolate can change the world.
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The Maya cultivated the forest as a garden for thousands of years.  Tune in to hear Maya forest gardeners from El Pilar, Belize, discuss the importance of sustainable cultivation techniques. 
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Kat Steele, is a Permaculture teacher and director of the Urban Permaculture Guild in Oakland, California.  Kat is trained in ecovillage design, natural building,and workshop facilitation.  In this interview, Kat Steele discusses how to apply Permaculture to your own life and what it was like to be one of Al Gore's 1,000 "foot soldiers."
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Albert Bates is the author of the Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook:  Recipes for Changing Times and director of the institute for AppropriateTechnology since 1984 and the Ecovillage Training Center since 1994.  In this April, 2007 interview, he shares some of his recipes for living a sustainable and rewarding life during this energy-descent time. 
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How Mushrooms Can Save the World- A Conversation with Paul Stamets

Paul Stamets, founder and president of Fungi Perfecti, has written six books on mushroom cultivation, use, and identification, including the bestseller, Mycelium Running:  How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World.  In this interview Paul talks about mycorestoration, what the fungal kingdom has to teach us, and how fungi have a sense of humor.  Tune in to learn why you should love the Mycelium running beneath your feet.

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