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Mukesh Ray, a scholar with a Masters in Social work from the TATA Institute of Social Sciences in India,  participates in movements working to curb India’s large agrarian crisis that has resulted in the suicidal death of over 140,000 farmers in the past ten years.  Born and raised in Orissa, India, an area facing many social and agrarian problems, Mukesh Ray is determined to change the current system from the inside out. Interview by journalist and sustainability educator Karly Burch in India, February 2007.
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Loren Luyendyk, the owner of Santa Barbara Organics, has over ten years of experience in the field of permaculture, sustainability and small-scale farming. Loren is a Certified Master Gardener, Certified Arborist and a member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists.
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Brock Dolman is a biologist, innovative design consultant, and nationally recognized permaculture educator. Dolman, co-founder of the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (OAEC), co-manages the Center’s biodiversity collection, orchards and 70 acres of wildlands. Brock is the director of OAEC’s WATER Institute and Permaculture Design Program.

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