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All Good Things Organic Seeds- A Conversation With Organic Farmer Justin Huhn

Justin Huhn is an organic farmer and an impassioned seed grower and plant lover. Certified in Permaculture Design, Justin cares deeply about organic farming, sustainability and subsistence. Co-creator of Mano Farm and All Good Things Organic Seeds Justin provides organic food and seeds locally and abroad. In this conversation with Jill Cloutier, Justin shares his knowledge about plants, medicinal herbs, and seed saving.   

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The REAL Green Revolution In Africa: Permaculture in Zimbabwe With Julious Piti

Julious Piti is a Permaculture designer and teacher, organic farmer, and conflict facilitator based in Zimbabwe.  Julious has been using Permaculture in Africa to restore the health of both land and community. A founding member of the Chikukwa Ecological Land Trust (CELUCT) and now the Director of PORET (Participatory Organic Research Extension and Training), Julious' work shows that degraded land can be transformed.  PORET supports farmers in dry-land areas and works to address hunger, malnutrition, and poverty.  In 2007, PORET won the Zimbabwe National Environmental Award.

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Urban Homesteading- Heirloom Skills and Permaculture

A discussion with author, Permaculture Designer, and psychotherapist Rachel Kaplan about her book Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living.  Kaplan, with co-author K. Ruby Blume, has written a book that is a veritable treasure trove of information about everything sustainable and regenerative.  Lavishly illustrated, detailed instructions are given for dozens of projects: including constructing a solar cooker, starting an urban seed bank, butchering a chicken, and greywater for renters.

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Growing Color- How To Create Beautiful Dyes From Plants

In this interview, fiber and dye expert Rebecca R. Burgess shares her techniques for growing and harvesting color.  Burgess talks about her favorite dye plants and the impact that chemical dyes have on the environment.  Plants, minerals, and insects can yield brilliant, vibrant hues.  These natural dyes produce little waste, are nontoxic, and are easy to make at home.

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